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When Do You Need To Use Vacuum Excavation?

Vacuum excavation is one of the more popular ways to dig a hole in the ground and a lot of clients whether they are homeowners or commercial establishments are finding the need to use this type of service from companies in Sydney because of its many advantages. There are different types of machines used for vacuum water excavation and the size of the equipment needed will depend on the scale of digging needed.

Here are some of the reasons why vacuum excavation is preferred by many builders.

When Damage To Property Is a Concern

Vac excavation is especially designed for digging projects where damage to nearby property must be avoided. It is ideal for small spaces and since machines of this type can also come in a small size, even potholing inside the house can be made with no damage or disturbance to the property.

When The Area to Be Excavated Is In a Public Place

If the digging is to be made in a public place like a street or roadside, it is better to use vacuum water to excavate the soil from the hole. Since the dirt and soil are directly siphoned by the vacuum, it does not pile up and obstruct the flow of traffic and pedestrians. Contractors of government projects normally use this method to ensure that they do not cause problems to the public.

When the Digging Project Is Not That Big

Vacuum excavations are especially designed for making small ground and concrete penetration like pot holes. Since pressurized water and air are the main elements used to dig the hole, the depth that can be reached is quite deep and will depend only on the requirement of the project.

When there Is Need To Avoid Underground Installations

Once ground scanning is done and it reveals that there are underground installations, vac excavations are almost always recommended. It is used mainly to avoid pipes and cables buried underneath. The size of the hole can be made to fit the diameter of the needed foundation for the building and there is no need to create a large holes to prevent damage to cables and pipes.

Vacuum excavation is preferred by many customers in Sydney who want to excavate on a portion of their property without damaging the utilities under the ground. It is by far one of the most efficient and at the same time cost effective as compared to manually digging and disposing of the unearthed soil.

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