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What is Hydro Excavation, and Why Should You Use It?

Although hydro excavation has been in existence and used for several years now, there are still those who ask about what is hydro excavation. This is especially true in the case of homeowners who are familiar only with the traditional methods of penetrating the ground. It is actually one of the preferred excavation methods by professionals especially when the area to be penetrated is not large as would require a lot of digging like a basement or a swimming pool.

The use of hydrovac method for digging is often limited to a small perimeter like pot holing. It could be for the purpose of erecting a lamp post for example. Since only a post is needed to be erected, there is no need to call in several people to do the digging and the use of mechanical machines is also not advisable for such a small task.

What Is Hydro Excavation

Hydro vac excavation uses pressurized water to break down the surface of the soil and then penetrate it according to the diameter or size of the hole as intended. Water is combined with air and the highly pressurized water that comes out from the nostril of a water gun readily breaks the soil to small pieces.

Once the soil breaks, a vacuum hose is pointed and the soil is siphoned off to a tank mounted on a truck. There are two people normally performing water vac excavation: One holding the water gun and the other holding the vacuum hose.

It is Non-Destructive

Since only the target area is excavated, the surrounding area is safe from the ground penetration. Hydro excavation is one of the excavation methods preferred especially when there are underground utilities that may be affected by the digging. It is often used to avoid damage to cables and pipes and even if a cable is hit, since it is only water, it is not enough to damage the cable or pipe.

Looking at what is hydro excavation all about; one could say that it is applicable to almost any kind of small underground digging projects. It is safe for the environment because the soil excavated is suctioned off directly into a waiting truck. There is no worry when it comes to disposal of the soil because the company engaged in this service will be the one to bring the soil to a designated landfill. A lot of homeowners in Australia have actually used hydro vacuum services for their digging projects.

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