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What is A Ground Penetrating Radar and How Can It Help You?

Though this machine has been in existence for quite some time, there are still questions on exactly what is ground penetrating radar. It is one of the most advanced tools used by experts in many fields such as archeology and more recently in locating utilities buried underground. When you engage professionals in the field of location services, they have many equipment but foremost is the gpr because it can serve them many purpose because of its versatility and hi-tech features.

To know more about what is ground penetrating radar, let us look at its uses and some features.

It Is Used For Mapping Utilities

Prior to construction of a building and whenever there is a need to excavate, engineers, contractors and builders will try first to see if there are utilities buried underground. This is a necessity because most of the utilities are now buried in the ground like telephone cables, electrical cables, gas pipes, sewerage system, and a lot more. GPR works as an effective cable and pipe utility location scouting device. It can trace the presence of both metallic and non-metallic objects underneath a surface.

It Serves As a Scanner

Without actually digging to find out what’s below the ground, the Gpr can detect the presence of even roots of trees. It is one of the most effective non-destructive locating equipment used in today’s construction. Ground penetrating radar uses electro-magnetic frequency to penetrate and detect what is beneath the surface. It is a two-way process where the signal penetrates and then returns the result of the scan shown on a screen mounted on the machine.

The Depth Of Reach Depends On The Kind Of Soil

Gpr radar scan has an effective range that will depend on the type of soil being penetrated. It is advised that this machine be used only when the soil is dry for easy and deeper penetration. it is most effective when used in sandy soil but can also penetrate other types of soil and can also detect underground objects even if the scanner is used over a concrete surface.

So the next time you see experts with a machine looking like scanning and searching the ground, you readily can tell that they are cable locator for underground utilities and the task they are doing is what is ground penetrating radar is all about. Locating underground services is just one of the uses of a GPR as they are also used for other scientific and even military purposes.

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