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Absolute Locating Services (ALS), a company that provides excellent and quality service in Underground Utilities Locating in Northern Beaches and surrounding areas: Western Sydney, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Parramatta, New South Wales, and Central Coast. Using modern equipments, ALS is able to locate the existence of an underground pipes and cables and other utilities. Not only that, ALS is known for the capability of determining water and gas leaks in the area accurately.




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Ground Penetrating Radar Northern Beaches

Survey ServicesALS is fully accredited and qualified to perform accurate service location surveys. We use modern devices to determine possible existence of an underground pipe in the area where construction is to be started.

Hydro Excavation – is a scientific and modern way of digging using pressurized water and vacuum. This method exposes buried pipes and cables without damaging utilities. With this modern way, ALS can help to minimise the impact on the local environment and community during excavation works, whilst simultaneously eradicating the risk of costly delays.

Ground Penetrating Radar – a geophysical method that uses radar pulses to develop an image of the subsurface stratigraphy. This reliable and non-destructive locating uses electromagnetic radiation which detects and reflects signals from subsurface structures to create an image. GPR can assist with several applications such as stressing cables, conduits, reinforcing support structures, fibre optic cables etc. ALS team are expert and well-trained in reading the feedback given by the machine.

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Cables Locating Northern Beaches

Leak Detection – Using state-of-the-art equipment ALS is able to establish the precise location of where leakages are occurring. We use equipments and digital instruments to identify where the water leak is coming from. We are expert in this line of work also equipped with the needed tools and devices to carry out the job efficiently.

Concrete Survey – involves the use of electromagnetic pulses to survey concrete for post tension cable detection and other structural properties such as composition of steelworks in slabs, columns or beams. It is important to conduct a concrete survey before core hole drilling and the removal of concrete slabs, to ensure efficiency and reduction in unforseen costs. ALS technical team are highly skilled and experienced in conducting concrete surveys, providing you with accurate, reliable results.

Locating Pipes and Cables - This is very important procedure prior to undertaking construction activities, in order to prevent any risks to workers, the community and the environment. ALS is providing this service for years now. We do not only have the expertise in this line of work but we are also familiar with locating utilities in this area.

Pipe Freezing – ALS provides fast, effective and reliable pipe freezing services to all water-based industry trades. This method provides minimum disruptions to any repairs, maintenances and modifications to the live water pipe network. Pipe freezing is advantageous to stop water flowing where valves are inaccessible, and is a cost effective way to fix water pipes regardless of a valves location.


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Underground Utilities Locating Northern Beaches

Absolute Locating Services offers Survey Services, Hydro Excavation, Ground Penetrating Radar, Leak Detection, Concrete Survey, Locating Pipes and Cables and Pipe Freezing to the public, the government, institutions, commercial establishments, and even industrial clients. There are many types of equipment used in this field of work and it depends on the kind of service you will avail to determine what equipment to be used. ALS uses state of the art modern equipment and also well trained professionals.



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