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The Reasons Why Underground Services Detection Is Important

Whenever there is an excavation that must be done on a particular construction project, the possibility of injury to workers is high especially if no underground services detection was made beforehand. Whether the digging operation is on a vacant lot with no history of past construction or to a site where an old building was destroyed to pave the way for a new construction project, the need for utility service location is very important. There is no telling what lies beneath a concrete slab or even below the grassy area of a vacant lot so testing and checking of underground services must be made.

Here are some reasons why conducting underground services detection is very important:

To avoid Injury to Workers and Even By-standers

Workers doing the excavation are exposed to peril when they have no idea what kind of underground pipe is present in the area being penetrated. If the installation happens to be a power line, they risk the danger of electrocution and even death in certain instances. It is also a danger to by-standers especially if the excavation involves a public place like roads and sidewalks.

To find Out What Type Of Underground Cable Are Present

This is especially true in the case of industrial projects where an old building used to stand and destroyed to give way to a new building construction. Different kinds of sub-surface cable and pipes underground can be installed in the past. It is therefore a necessity to identify each of them and to determine what method is necessary to avoid them from getting damaged when excavation begins.

Underground Services Detection Is a Must Nowadays

With so many developments that have taken place in the past, there is a need to engage a locator service to make sure that the ground penetration can be done without obstructions in the process. It simply is more economical and safe as compared to trial and error procedure. Once damage to an underground services location has been made, it can delay the works and also possibly invite a legal issue with the company that owns the lines damaged by the excavation.

Services location in Sydney is done by professionals in this field. They received training and the required accreditation to do the job of underground services detection. They are just a phone call away and can also give estimates on how much particular underground services detection would cost a customer.

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