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The Problems Caused By Pipe Freezing And How It Can Be Avoided

If you live in a part of the country that gets particularly chilly during the wintertime, then pipe freezing may e one of the problems that you have encountered at least once. Unlike leaks, frozen pipes are harder to locate and can cause much more damage if left alone. The next time that portions of your pipeline gets frozen, consider hiring a location service to detect the trouble spots so that you can fix them before things get worse.

The Problems With Frozen Pipes

Pipe freezing can cause quite a number of problems for the regular household. For one thing, the ice in the pipes prevents the flow of water to certain taps and outlets within the house. Usually when pipes freeze they only affect a small portion of the piping system, but there are times when the entire house is left without a drop of water because of the ice blockage.

Another reason why frozen pipes are problematic is because unlike other forms of matter, when water freezes it actually expands. Which is why if you leave the frozen pipes alone, the ice will cause a lot of stress on the walls of the pipes; add to that the stresses caused by the water pressure running through the pipelines and it will undoubtedly cause the pipes to burst open and flood your home.

Preventing Frozen Pipes

The best way to prevent pipe freezing during the winter months is to set the thermostat in your air conditioning at a warmer setting. If the air temperature inside the house is a bit on the warmer side, it can and will prevent the pipes from freezing. The only downside is that your heating costs will increase significantly.

Another valid option that you have, although it is not really a preventive measure, is to hire locating services to find out where the frozen pipes are located so that you can apply direct heat to the area. These expert pipe locators use a variety of gadgets and techniques to find out where the obstruction is located, they can find it even if it is buried within the flooring or embedded in the walls.

Once you find the location of the frozen pipes, you can use a regular hair dryer at a rather high setting to apply heat to that section of pipe and melt the ice that has built up inside of it. Hiring professional locating services when pipe freezing occurs is your best choice at preventing more serious damage from happening.

In Closing…

Frozen pipes can actually cause a lot of problems besides preventing the water from flowing freely, and if you want to avoid costly repairs, you need to find the frozen section of pipe as soon as you can. And, if you are looking for a professionals who can help you with this kind of problem, then our company is the one that you need.

We have provided expert locating services for residents of Sydney, New South Wales, and other nearby areas for many years now; from pipe freezing, to finding leaks within walls and floors, and even utility mapping, we can do it all. You only need to visit our website and leave us a message, and we will help you as soon as we can.

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