Locating Pipes and Cables

The Importance Of Hiring the Right Service Locators

When the construction work will require on-site excavation, the need for service locators come into play. This is to make sure that the digging operations will not be on a site where there are underground installations. If there are sub-surface cables, the service locator can identify them and the excavation can avoid damage to the said installation. This is the more practical and efficient way of conducting an excavation on any type of property whether it is private or for public use.

Why Hire Service Locators

When an excavation has to be done on a property, it is best to be sure that the digging will not result in destroying what’s beneath the ground. Since many public utility connections are buried under the ground, it is better to determine immediately if anything is buried underneath before actual ground penetration begins. Service locators have the expertise when it comes to this kind of job and they can also recommend what kind of digging machine should be used should they discover that the site has an underground installation that must be avoided.

The Equipments Used

Service locators use state of the art equipment like penetrating ground radar to identify the objects underneath the ground. They can locate vital installations like gas pipes, water pipes, sewer, telephone cables, electricity and other types of obstructions. Both metal and non-metal objects can be identified so even roots of trees can be detected by radar ground machines.

How To Hire Service Locators

To look for Service locators in Australia is easy as they are readily available online. They can be contacted using the given numbers and once contacted, a date and time can be set for them to make a visit to the property to be excavated. They can make estimate of the cost to be incurred as well as make recommendations to ensure that the excavation will avoid damage to vital underground installations.

Service locators have the expertise when it comes to their respective areas. They are familiar with underground locations of cables and other manmade structures beneath the ground. Aside from their expertise, they are also guided by underground maps so they can identify accurately what’s beneath a particular property.

On top of this, they also use machines to help them in determining the exact underground service location and they can even tell how deep the installation is buried. When you hire service locators, it is best to hire professionals in your area to make sure that they are familiar with the job.

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