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Steps On How to Find A Leak In Your Home

Every homeowner will experience at one time having a busted pipe in the house that is why it is important to know the basic on how to find a leak when it happens. The most common is water leak but it is also highly possible for gas leaks in some cases as well as drainage and septic pipe leak. Even if the underground installation is properly set-up, deterioration is still bound to happen over the years. Occasional ground movements as in the case of an earthquake can also damage underground pipes and cause leaks in the water pipe line.

There are ways on how to find a leak on your own and it will start with the most basic. It is easy to discover if the water pipe line is exposed. But it becomes very difficult when the pipes are below the surface. Sometimes you will see water leaking from one area of the house like a crack on the floor but it does not mean the leak is there. Water will find an escape and most of the time it travels and can be seen in one place but the busted pipe is actually a few meters away.

Shut Off The Water Gate Valve

The most common techniques on how to find a leak is by shutting off the gate valve of the pipe close to the meter. This way, you can detect if the leak is inside the house or not. If the meter stops reading, then it is a sign that the leak is inside the house.

Check All The Water Faucets And Exposed Connections

Include in this search the toilet water system. Joints are most of the time candidates for leaks in the water system so make sure to check joints for seeping water.

Call The Professionals

If you are not familiar with the water pipe lay-out because they are submerged, then it is more practical to call the professionals to conduct checking of where the leak is actually coming from. Experts have gadgets and machines that serve as leak detection for water pipe installations.

The Use Of Ground Microphones

Experts normally use ground microphones to find out where the leak is coming from. This is especially true in the case of pressurized water supply system. Normal hearing may not detect it but when a machine and its microphones are attached it can serve as a pipeline detection system.

Learn how to find a leak in your water pipe line connection and save money in the process. It is actually easy if you know the basics but if not, then you should call professionals in Sydney to find out and remedy problems in your water pipes as well as give you more tips about water leak system.

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