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Importance Of Concrete X-Ray For All Excavations

Concrete x-ray is one of the methods used to detect obstructive objects beneath a concrete surface. This is a method used by professionals to make sure that when the digging in a construction site begins, there will be no accidents that can be caused by whatever is under the concrete slab. It is also a way to make sure that the task of penetrating the concrete slab will not be hampered by what is underneath it.

Today, concrete xray is a method popularly used prior to excavation by almost every builder in Sydney Australia. It cuts across almost any type of construction work as long as excavation is needed on a piece of property.

Concrete X-Ray For Homes

For homeowners who recently bought a property and want to renovate it especially the flooring, hiring a professional to conduct xray on concrete is the proper thing to do before actually digging on the floor. Some of the underground installation like gas pipes, water, and even septic pipes may have crossed under the flooring. This is also true when there is water leakage in the house where the owner is not familiar with the lay-out of the underground water pipes.

Concrete X-Ray For Commercial Establishments

Commercial buildings will require a big space for construction and this is also true in the case of a renovation project. If a concrete slab is already in place and there is a need to make a new excavation for whatever purpose, it is important to call in the professionals and make them do concrete inspection.

Non destructive testing of concrete is considered as one of the basics when it comes to determining what actually are beneath the slab before calling in the machines to do the actual digging.

Concrete X-Ray For Industrial Establishments

If concrete x-ray is highly recommended for both residential and commercial constructions, the same is especially needed with an industrial type of construction. Since the excavation in industrial type of projects is considered intensive to make sure that the foundations are strong, it makes perfect sense to conduct concrete scan to ensure that the digging operations will be safe and without hindrance to both people and machinery.

Concrete X-Ray For Roads

For decades now, both public and even some private roads normally have subsurface installations like water and gas pipes, fuel line, fiber optic cables and even electricity lines can be found underneath roads especially the side of sidewalks. Concrete x-ray is very important when roads are to be excavated and this is to make sure that it will not cause damage to the installations as well as to prevent possible injury to people nearby.

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