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Hydro Excavation – The Wave Of The Future

They were once used solely for cleaning out septic tanks, vacuum trucks are now in demand because they can actually be used for hydro excavation. This is a relatively new method of going about excavation projects, digging oilfields, and also for cleaning industrial storage containers. If you want to learn more on how vacuum trucks can actually be used for digging, then here is a brief explanation on just how it does it.

How It Works?

Hydro excavating is basically digging through the earth using water pumped out at very high pressures; this is similar to how a water jet works, but on a much larger scale. To do hydro excavation, the water in the tank of the vacuum truck is placed under tremendous amounts of pressure, which is then released through a hose at extremely high velocities; the force of the water is actually strong enough to knock earth and stone loose. After the soil is loosened up, the pressure is reversed and all of the dirt and water are sucked away.

Benefits of hydro excavating

Hydro excavating actually has a lot of benefits. One is that it is a much cleaner way of excavating because there are no dust clouds kicked up into the air. The pressurized water can also cut through the hard earth much cleaner than using heavy equipment like excavators, and it offers more control as well.

Hydro excavating can also be used for delicate digging projects, like unearthing utility pipes and cables for instance. The operator only needs to tone down the water pressure just a bit when he gets closer to the pipes’ location; applying just enough pressure to clean the pipes of mud and dirt but not enough to damage them.

Other Uses Of Hydro Excavation

Besides construction work, hydro excavating can also be applied in other fields as well. For instance, they can be used during rescue missions wherein the victim is trapped under a huge amount of debris; this method of digging is preferred because it is the fastest and safest way that will allow the rescuers to get close to the victim without causing any further harm.

The vacuum trucks used for hydro excavation work can also be used as a high-volume pump that homeowners can make use of if they need help getting rid of the large amount of water that flooded their basements after a storm. These are just some of the many uses of vacuum trucks, if you use your imagination you can definitely discover even more.

In Closing…

So now that you have learned how hydro excavating techniques are sometimes better than using conventional digging machines, especially when it comes to delicate projects, but you still want to learn more, then you should visit our company’s website.

We offer hydro excavation services to residents of Sydney, New South Wales, Wollongong, and the other nearby towns and suburbs. If you need to dig a trench in your backyard without doing serious damage to your  property, or if you need to unearth the utility pipes in your property because you need to tap into them, then our company is the one you need.

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