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Hydro Excavation And Some Of Its Uses And Benefits

Hydro excavation is the rather new method of digging through the dirt using pressurized water. If you are familiar with how a water jet works, that is basically what happens during a hydro excavating project. This relatively new method of doing excavation work is gradually getting popular in the construction industry, and for good reason because there are actually a lot of different applications and benefits that hydro excavating can provide. To give you some ideas on how you can make use of this modern method of digging, here are some of the more common uses of this technology, along with some of the advantages of using it.

Applications Of Hydro Excavating

As the name suggests, hydro excavation is usually used for digging holes and trenches in rather hard dirt. The way this works is water is placed in the tank of a vacuum truck, which is then placed under a tremendous amount of pressure. When the water gets released through the robotic arm of the vacuum truck (using regular fire hoses will not suffice because the pressure is strong enough to lift into the air whoever is holding them) it is applied with such force and velocity that it is enough to loosen even the most compact dirt. When the dirt is loosened up, the pressure in the vacuum truck is reversed which will then suck up all of the mud and water, leaving behind a cleanly dug trench.

Besides digging, the vacuum truck can also be used as a large-volume water pump. Say your basement got flooded and you know that it will take you forever to get rid of all that water using buckets, this is when you need the help of vacuum trucks. These trucks can make short work of the water and can actually be done within an hour or so, depending on the volume of the water.

Benefits Of Hydro Excavating

Hydro excavation methods is actually preferred by some construction companies because they do not kick up huge clouds of smoke when they dig, leaving the job site cleaner than it was before. This is great if the project is done in a particularly dry patch of the country.

Another reason why contractors love hydro excavating methods is because it can be used for delicate excavation projects as well. For instance, when exposing utility pipes and other buried lines underground, it should be done in the most delicate manner to avoid damage. With hydro excavation, the operator can go full blast just until he reaches the pipelines, after which he lowers the water pressure so that it is still strong enough to blast away the dirt, but not too much that it can damage the pipes.

In Closing…

Hydro excavating is certainly a very intriguing alternative to traditional excavation techniques, and it also has its own share of uses and benefits as well. It may not be long before you will see this becoming a staple in construction sites. And, if you are interested in giving hydro excavation a try, you should visit our website so you can find out more about it. If you are a resident of Sydney, New South Wales or in the other nearby areas, we can provide you with the best kind of hydro excavating services that you will never find anywhere else.

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