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How Non Destructive Excavation Works

Non destructive excavation is now a popular method of digging a targeted potion of the ground to avoid damage to underground installations. It is used particularly in highways and other public properties as well as government infrastructure projects. The jobs that normally involve the use of hydro excavating machine are delicate and that is why only a specified area must be excavated to avoid the installations underneath.

Non destructive excavation uses pressurized water to break down the soil and an industrial type of vacuum to siphon the soil into the tank carried by a truck. The pressurized water bombards the soil in the hole and the soil that breaks down is automatically suctioned off to the waiting tank. Therefore almost no dirt is left on the ground. The force of the pressurized water is what makes the excavation possible and it works simultaneously with the vacuum.

Advantages Of Hydro Excavating

• No effect On the Environment – With non destructive excavation, the damaging effect on the environment of the digging is minimized to a great extent. Since no soil or dirt is brought out to accumulate in the surrounding area of the excavation, the perimeter is protected and not affected by the ground penetration.

• It is More Efficient and Faster – there is no need to call in several people and a huge excavation machine to dig the soil. Once a hole is made into the ground, the excavation services can be done efficiently and can even reach whatever depth is intended.

• No Disturbance – Since only one truck fitted with hydro excavation machine is used, it does not cause disturbance to the activities going around the excavation. The truck can even be positioned away from the site as it has extendible hoses for both pressurized water and vacuum. This is especially advantageous when the digging is done on roads where vehicle traffic can be affected.

• Disposal Of Soil Is not A Problem – With ordinary excavation service, a machine is used to excavate and the soil is dumped in a nearby place where it is to be picked up later by a dump truck for disposal. If the area being excavated is a golf course or even a residential neighborhood, the ugly sight of dirt pile and the damage caused to the site where it was dumped can be too much.

With non destructive excavation, the dirt unearthed by vacuum is directly lodged in the tank and then disposed immediately in the designated landfill. Almost no trace of the unearthed dirt can be seen once the job is finished.

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