Locating Pipes and Cables

Just How Important Is Utility Mapping And How Can It Save Money

Before you start digging up the dirt in your property, it is best if you first get the services of utility mapping companies so that you can be sure that you are not going to hit anything of importance on your way down. You may not know this, but there are actually hundreds of feet if pipes, wires, and cables that are buried underneath the ground where your house is standing on, and when they get damaged while you are digging, then you are looking at a large repair bill. So before you start excavating, in fact, before you even plan on digging, you should get the help of locating services so that you can be sure that there is nothing of importance that you have to worry about.

What kinds of things are underneath your feet?

These days, it is common practice to bury underneath a few feet of dirt the electrical cables, water lines, sewage pipes, gas lines, and other utilities; this is both for giving the property a neat look, and for safety as well because there is a small chance that the pipes and cables will get damaged when they are underground. If you still have the original blueprints for your house, then you can easily find where the utilities are buried so you can avoid digging in those areas; but if you live in a particularly old house, then you may not have the plans with you anymore.

What can possibly happen when you hit them?

If you choose to continue digging without utility mapping then the chances of damaging any one of the buried utility lines will undoubtedly get higher. If say you hit the water main to your house while digging, the immense water pressure will be enough to rupture the pipe and cause considerable flooding and water damage to your property; and you cannot turn off the water because you do not know where the main gate valve is located. And, if you do manage to close the valve, you will also shut down the water service to your neighbors’ houses; if you do not want the entire neighborhood to hate you, then you should have just hired a professional locating service to map out the utility lines beforehand.

How does utility mapping work?

Locating services in Sydney use specialized tools to peer into the earth to find out where the pipes and cables are located, like powerful ground penetrating radars; the same kind used by mining companies to look for mineral deposits, albeit a bit smaller and less powerful. These tools allow the user to take a peek under the earth to find out where the pipes are located and how deep they are buried. Armed with this information, you can dig without any worries about causing any kind of costly property damage.

If you are looking for a reliable utility mapping service within Sydney, Wollongong, Parramatta, or in the other neighboring towns and suburbs, then our website is definitely worth checking out. For years, we have helped countless homeowners locate and mark out the locations of the utility lines in their properties, and suffice to say, they were all impressed by our accuracy. So visit our website and leave us a message and we will help you as soon as we can.

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