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How Do Experts Conduct Utility Search Underground?

For a lot of good reasons, most installations that connect homes and even commercial buildings are buried underground that’s why you need to do a utility search before digging a hole in the ground. We are talking here of the necessities to have a comfortable living like water lines, telephone cables, gas pipes, electrical cables, sewerage system and other underground utilities. Because of their importance to daily living, these lines must be respected and left alone undisturbed.

Underground utilities were purposely buried years ago as required by the government both for aesthetics as well as efficiency purposes. Just imagine if all of them are lined up along the street or made hanging above tall posts. They will look like an eyesore so the government gave permits to utility companies to bury their lines and make the interconnection underground.

Since there are many underground installations and they traverse property lines in most cases, the services of cable locators are needed to identify and map them accordingly. Here are two common techniques used by pipe and cable locators to ensure that they pinpoint the exact location of an underground utility.

1. They Use The Mapping of Utilities Obtained From A Government Agency

The use of utilities map is very important because it will readily reveal what are the types of cables and pipes that are buried beneath the surface of the property for excavation. Once the utility search is started, the experts in this field can mark the area where a pipe or cable is located. If there is more than one kind of utility buried, they will use color coding to segregate and identify the kind of utility found.

2. They Use ground Penetrating Radar Equipments

Also called gpr, this type of machine can detect what’s buried underneath and it can tell precisely if it is metallic or not. It is a very good pipe and cable locator and can also tell how deep the installation is buried. Some excavations require deep penetration like in the case of building a swimming pool in the property or building an underground parking lot in the case of commercial buildings.

Utility Search should be reserved for professionals in this field especially when deep excavation is needed on the construction of building. To locate utilities is actually hard especially if the old blue print is already missing or there were changes to the utilities location because of prior constructions. This is one of the reasons why hiring a company in Sydney to conduct utility search is important. It can save the land developer not only money but from injury of workers as well.

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