Locating Pipes and Cables

Why Would Anyone Need The Help Of Locating Services?

Most people are not even aware that such a thing as locating services exist, and even fewer know what kind of work they do. To give you a bit of background information about this kind of service and maybe even give you an idea on where you can use them for, here are some of the usual applications wherein the help of professional location services are most appreciated; sometimes they are even required.

Construction Industry

Locating services are usually sought after when people are contemplating doing some large-scale renovation in their home. For instance, if you want to dig up your driveway so that you can get it re-paved, you need the help of professional locating companies so you can find out if there are things within the slab of concrete that you need to be wary of; things like electrical conduits, or post-tension cables. If you can manage to avoid hitting these kinds of things you can also avoid a lot of unnecessary repair expenses.

You may also want to get the help of professional location services if you are planning on installing a swimming pool in your backyard. Before you even let the heavy equipment start excavating, you should let professionals scan the ground where you are planning on placing your pool in so that you can be sure that there would be no water or sewerage pipes damaged while digging.

Domestic Applications

Locating companies can also be helpful in pinpointing the location of leaks in the pipes that are buried all over your property. Finding out where exactly the plumbers need to dig will minimize the damage on your property and it will also help make the job go faster because there is no need to dig up a large portion of the piping network just to get to a small leak.

Frozen pipes can also found with the help of expert locating services. If you start noticing that the water pressure in your house suddenly weakened during the winter season, then a part of your water pipelines must have frozen over; and when this is left alone it could lead to burst pipes, which would cost a whole lot more money on repairs.

If you are looking for a reliable locating company to help you find out just where in your property these buried little surprises are, then you should take a look in our company’s website. We have been providing homeowners from Sydney, Wollongong, New South Wales, Parramatta, and in other nearby areas with excellent locating service; and only a few other companies can even come close to our success rate. We only use the latest in locating technology, like ground penetrating radars that lets us see deep into the earth. Besides locating, we also provide other kinds of services like hydro excavating, a safer method to unearth buried pipelines and cables without damaging them.

Just pay a visit to our website so that you can see all the things that we can offer, and maybe you can also leave us a message so that we can communicate directly.

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0425 257 142, (02) 9939 6978

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