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Ground Penetrating Radar And Its Many Uses

Ground penetrating radar systems are useful tools that expert locating companies use for surveying items that are buried deep underground. In the past, this kind of technology was only used in archeological projects because of its inherent ability to differentiate the surrounding soil from the other solid objects that buried within it; it is so accurate that it can even identify the shape of the object and how deep it is underground; all of this without doing any digging whatsoever.

These days, GPR systems are used by engineering and construction companies for surveying purposes. They use it to scan the ground for any utility lines or any large objects like boulders or septic tanks before they start excavating. If you ever need to locate something that is buried underground, GPR is your best choice.

Why do you need GPR services?

Think about this; if you have a construction project that requires you to dig several meters into the ground, then you need to know if there are any utility lines in your way. If you accidentally hit and damage them with your machinery, not only will you spend a lot of resources repairing the damage, it will also mess up your schedule, which you simply cannot afford.

There are different uses of GPR. You can accurately map out the location of the utility lines so you can avoid them while digging; this will ensure that everything goes as planned.

Other methods of underground surveying

Most people would contest that you can just use existing utility maps from the city government if you want to locate the important utility lines, but the problem with those is that they are rarely updated. There could be dozens of additional pipelines installed in an area in recent years but you will not see them in the utility maps because they have not been updated in years.

Some people even say that it will be cheaper if you just bought a metal detector than having to hire a crew every time you need to dig into an area. There are two main problems with this suggestion: one is that metal detectors are quite expensive, even the ones meant for hobbyists can run you back a couple of thousand dollars each; the other reason is fairly obvious, metal detectors can only detect metal, so PVC pipelines are out of the question.

If you really want to save a lot of time and money, then hiring professionals who use GPR is actually a better option. For one thing, they are more accurate than utility maps and using metal detectors, so the likelihood of you accidentally hitting huge rocks or utility lines are quite slim. And, the information that you can get from GPR is a lot more detailed than anything else that you can use for ground surveying.

Now, if you are interested in ground penetrating radar services, all you need to do is visit our company’s website or send us an email. We have been providing GPR and other locating services for large engineering firms, and for regular homeowners as well. If you live in Sydney, Wollongong, Parramatta, New South Wales, or in any of the nearby areas, then we can provide you with all your locating needs.

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