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Different Kinds Of Leak Detection Machine

Water leak detection machine is available with different functions. One machine may come up with a specific feature while others may have multiple functions. The differences lie in the fact that water leaks can come in many forms and therefore the use of specialized equipment for a particular problem is needed. There are leak problems caused by clogged drains, busted water line, defective construction an installation of pipes, leak in the air-conditioning system and many others.

Pipe Leak Detection Machine

When a pipeline is located beneath the ground, it is hard to detect where the leak is located unless a machine is used for this purpose. Experts use a machine with a microphone that they then attach to the pipe to pinpoint where the problem is located. Some machines also have ultrasonic leak detection feature and this is the preferred machine by experts.

Concrete Leak Detection Machine

There are also machines used to detect pipe leaks underneath a concrete flooring or slab. This type of equipment also comes with a headset and it has a detector pointed to the surface of the slab. The sound of the running water from a water pipe underneath the concrete can be detected and the stronger the sound becomes will show where the leak is coming from. This is the type of equipment used for underground water pipe systems.

Submersible Leak Detection Machine

This type of equipment is normally used in pools to determine if there are leaks in the wall or flooring of a swimming pool. It normally comes with a cord that is submerged in the pool water and guided by walking along the side of the pool while looking for the source of the leak. Similar to other tools of this nature, it also comes with a headset where you can listen to the sound to detect leaks in the pool.

Alarm Leak Detection Machine

Unlike the other machines where you will have to look for the source of the leak, alarm based leakage detection equipments are used to notify the homeowner that a water leak is present in a particular section of the house. It is positioned strategically in places where leaks are possible. When this type of leak detection system senses water within its coverage, it will set off a sound loud enough to be heard by those in the house. The length of time the alarm can continue depends on the brand used in most cases.

There are many other types of leakage detection equipment being used by homeowners and experts in this field. When using a leak detection machine for the first time, make sure you understand the instructions that go with it to ensure accurate reading of the results given by the machine.

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