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Ground Penetrating Radar And Its Many Uses

Ground penetrating radar systems are useful tools that expert locating companies use for surveying items that are buried deep underground. In the past, this kind of technology was only used in archeological projects because of its inherent ability to differentiate the surrounding soil from the other solid objects that buried within it; it is so […]

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The Different Uses Of Ground Penetrating Radar

When most people hear the word “radar” they automatically think about the contraption that the military use to track enemy aircraft, but there are some applications of this technology that are not as flamboyant, but useful nonetheless; one such application is that of ground penetrating radar. Here you will find out more about the different […]

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What is A Ground Penetrating Radar and How Can It Help You?

Though this machine has been in existence for quite some time, there are still questions on exactly what is ground penetrating radar. It is one of the most advanced tools used by experts in many fields such as archeology and more recently in locating utilities buried underground. When you engage professionals in the field of […]

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Importance Of Concrete X-Ray For All Excavations

Concrete x-ray is one of the methods used to detect obstructive objects beneath a concrete surface. This is a method used by professionals to make sure that when the digging in a construction site begins, there will be no accidents that can be caused by whatever is under the concrete slab. It is also a […]

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The Benefits of Professional Concrete Scanning Services

When the construction will involve excavation, engineers, contractors, and even a lot of homeowners prefer that the area to be penetrated be first subjected to concrete scanning. It is a modern method that ensures the subsurface is clear from any obstructions that might impede the excavation. Over the years the technology used of concrete scanner […]

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Survey Services

Survey Services – Absolute Locating Services Surveying will provide accurate surface locations for all underground services which can be extracted into digital format for under laying plans. The Absolute Locating Services team are fully accredited and qualified to perform accurate service location surveys.

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